Hi there👋 My name is Smiljan


Hi, my name is Smiljan Tukić!

I am an experienced Civil Engineer with a proven track record in the AEC[1] and computer software industry for the last 10 years. My skills include agile software development, Finite Element Modeling (FEM), and various aspects of Civil Engineering. I am currently employed as a Product Manager at SOFiSTiK AG and based in the Munich Metropolitan Region, Germany.

Meanwhile, we are all experiencing gigabit internet speeds, cloud computing, and AI, promising substantial prospects for the digitalization of the construction industry. I am deeply motivated to actively participate in this transformative journey, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and contribute to the industry’s evolution.

🔥 Presently, my primary focus lies on Open BIM, a process aimed at enhancing collaboration among project stakeholders to achieve heightened transparency and longevity of data throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. Open BIM stands as the preferred path to circumvent the monopolization of the construction industry by a few software companies, ensuring greater accessibility, interoperability, and a level playing field for all stakeholders. Without the adoption of Open BIM standards, the peril of becoming beholden to a single software vendor grows, including the risk of vendor lock-in.

💻 I’m familiar with programming languages like Python, C/C++, Dart, and C#, and I’ve also worked with VBA to create macros. Additionally, I utilize batch programming and PowerShell to automate processes. Besides that, I have experience in web development, both frontend and backend (e.g. Django Framework), database relations, and cloud computing, which gives me a broad range of skills in software development. While I may not consider myself a top-level programming expert, my programming knowledge is sufficient for my needs and allows me to accomplish my objectives effectively.

📷 I love graphic design, and it significantly enhances my UX and UI design skills. It helps me create attractive and user-friendly interfaces by combining creativity and aesthetics effectively.

⚡ As an engineer, I try to support different open source projects out there. Open source is a philosophy and a movement, and what makes open source thrive is the community around it. I get to meet great people that way!!!

🌱 In my free time, I love to walk and enjoy nature. Being in nature gives me new energy!

I think that connecting is a great way of seeing other people’s work and get inspired.

You can reach me via linkedin_16x16 https://www.linkedin.com/in/smiljan-tukic-0408/.