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My name is Smiljan Tukić and BAUTUK is my blog where I cover a range of topics from the fields construction, architecture, engineering, and digitalization.


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Latest Articles

09 Jun
Open BIM vs. Closed BIM | BIG BIM vs. little BIM
In this blog article, we'll unravel the differences between Open BIM, Closed BIM, small BIM, and BIG BIM. In closing, as the author, I'd like to share my perspective on the most promising path forward and the future I envision for the AEC industry.
19 May
Excel Integration with SOFiSTiK FEA via CADINP
Bridge the gap between spreadsheets and FEA: Streamline your workflow with the intuitive CADINP Excel integration in SOFiSTiK.
17 Feb
Utilizing the SYS input in SOFiSTiK FEA
SYS is a valuable input for automating repetitive tasks. In this article, we will learn how to use SYS by demonstrating with a few examples, including the ability to open external executables, scripts, and more..

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